Friday, September 20, 2013

Repost from sis Dena Bahrin #1

Assalamualaikum wbt
Good night and may Allah bless all of us *smile*

I'm going to re-post some of sis Dena's quotes which I took from her instagram.
The quotes, they sound so true. I am moved by the quotes. They sound deep too down what I felt in this current moment. I don't know what to say whenever my unspoken thought become a burdensome to me.
I am afraid people will typically judge me being skeptical or maybe being too pushy in the aspect of solving problems. That's why..  for me, it's quite hard to talk about own thought on things related to feelings and heart.

Willingly to let go persons whom are in front of you but you can't have it, is what we call 'redha' 
so, be positive. Allah knows what you don't. Have faith. May Allah ease every hardship.
*note to myself in order being stronger as my life seemed to get tougher. leuls* 

"At the end, all we can do is to go on and pray."

Thank you for staying, thank you for keep supporting, thank you for those whom make me feel important and appreciate me. Thank you for those whom were close to me as you guys must have taught me so many things. Sorry if that my weaknesses are the causes of our separation.  May Allah bless all of us. If Allah willing to, my du'a is always for you. *wink wink* Love my family. May the bond between us getting tighter and stronger. Aamiin ya Rabb al'aalamiin. :-)

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