Thursday, July 18, 2013

Le Memoir

2 0 1 2 ' S   R A N D O M 

Memories never die.
It's alive forever.

Dulu dengan sekarang tak jauh beza mana pon
tapi cukup untuk sorang due jadi lupe
and kite tak lagi mcm sebelumnya

# SS Family # GSixth


What's happening?
I don't get it 

I am tired of thinking what I've done
Did I commit mistake and I let it hurt your pride?

You don't talk to me even we used to be
Your ignorance
Keep on being silent 
Yet, I am tired of trying 

I am offended

I do exist

Why do you leave
I am suck that I first left you?
Did I?

Why don't you talk, so this problem get settle?
Afraid and awkwardness.. That matter halt you?
I am awkward too
But for the sake of this friendship
Why don't you just go through

I am waiting
The longer I wait, The deeper the pain