Saturday, September 28, 2013

Repost from sis Dena Bahrin #2

# Huda ckp aku suka dia kerana rupa. Ouchh. That's a bit harsh and I am quite offended back then. Am I being that rupalistik? Yeahh, I admit that these couple of days, I've been telling her that I adore how handsome he is, how smart he looked, how I stare at him, getting his picture and sort of. Tengah putus fius agaknye, sampaikan sikap gile mengusya tu singgah kejap. But anyway, I still insist that I don't like him because of his look. Look is something subjective and it is different between people. I've been crying, waiting, missing, liking, praying, longing all the way before. I did experienced those feels of nervousness and got butterfly in my stomach just to be near or bumped into him. His outer appearance come second. When I am re-thinking about what she's saying, I think she said so because it's not like my feeling is serious anymore. It seemed like his look has became the factor of attraction. Lol. Maybe I am too stable that my feeling ain't cling all over my emotion that's why I don't look like the typically and pathetic me. Haahhh.. entah lahh. 
Bole jadi je sebenarnya, feeling aku dah start fade away. maybe aku tak perasan. Wallahu'alam. Dalam tempoh tak contact dan tak interact by any means to each other ne, aku masih belajar utk tentukan whether feeling aku ini serius mahupun tidak. Well said, aku pun salu doa kalau betul takde jodoh and tak boleh bersama.. aku harap perasaan ne boleh pergi tanpa aku sedar. That's much better and less pain, right?  Bila feeling tu natural, aku pun boleh istikaharah tanpa dipengaruhi emosi dn perasaan. How I wish for it. In addition, klw betul feeling ne fade away.. good to know sbb aku beranggapan dia tentu dah tak berperasaan dkt aku skang ne. Boleh redha dgn sebenar-benar redha dan act matured. :-)  

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