Monday, November 12, 2012

Laa Ilaaha Illallah

I'm done reading this article by NAYZAK. So it's your turn now. InsyaAllah, yang baik jadikan bekalan.. Mana-mana yang tak baik tolak tepi. Wallahu'alam

:bulletred: 1. "If God created everything - then who created God?" (May Allah forgive me for this stupid question)

:bulletgreen: Answer:
According to the Qur'an, Allah tells us that He is the only creator and sustainer of all that exists and that nothing and no one exists alongside Him, nor does He have any partners. He tells us that He is not created, nor is He like His creation in anyway. He calls Himself by a number of names and three of them are:
A) The First - (Al-Awwal)
B) The Last - (Al Aakhir)
C) The Eternal, who is sought after by His creation, while He has no need from them at all. (As-Samad)
so, the answer to the question "Who created God?" is "no one created him".
the answer to the question "What was before the God?" is "nothing, since the God was the first"
Allah has always existed and He never was created, as He is not like His creation, nor similar to it, in any way.

:bulletred: 2. "How can you believe in God, when you can't see, hear, touch, smell, taste or even imagine what He is?"

:bulletgreen: Answer:
We know from the teachings of the last prophet of Islam, Mohammed -Peace and blessings be upon him- that no one has ever actually seen God - at least not in this lifetime. Nor are we able to use our senses to make some kind of contact with Him. However, we are encouraged in Islam to use our senses and our common sense to recognize that all of this universe could not possibly come into existence on its own. Something had to design it all and then put it into motion. That is beyond our ability to do, yet it is something that we can understand.

We don't have to see an artist to recognize a painting, correct? So, if we see paintings without seeing artists painting them, in the same way, we can believe that Allah created everything without having to see Him (or touch, or hear, etc.).

:bulletred: 3. "Can God do anything? - Can He make a rock so big that nothing can move it? - If He did make a rock so big that nothing could move it, would that mean that He couldn't move it too? Or would it be impossible for Him to make something so big that He couldn't move it?"

:bulletgreen: Answer:
Allah tells us that "Allah is capable of doing anything that He Wills to do." He can make a rock (or anything for that matter) that is so large or heavy that nothing in the entire universe can move it. As regards Allah "moving" it, He is not in the universe and He does not resemble His creation. Whenever He wants anything done, He merely says "Kun! Fayakun!" (Be! And so it will be!)