Thursday, October 11, 2012

Late Night Nagging - Don't Call Me That Way!

Hi world and Peace be upon you :)

Jyeahh, it's already 0225 hours in the morning.
I'm just finished doing my late night chores - cleaning the kitchen, wash the dishes and etc.
What I'm thinking I'm doing now? It's not like tomorrow is holiday or I'm taking a day off.
Actually I am not satisfied about something.
And that's maybe the main reason why I am updating my blog right now; at this moment.

will you guys stop calling me with something I don't belong to.
YKW, I realized that since in elementary school until this present time.. other people like to give nicknames for me. My elementary schoolmate did call me pizza and tol just because it sounds similar to Eizah and Farhatul. They keep teasing me and of course, I hate it damn so much.
I love my name given by my parents. It has a nice meaning which means 'shines of happiness honor'.

But kids back then makes me hate my own name because they keep, giving me a bad title. -,-  I am std six on that time and get easily touched by so many things especially the worst one. so to be frank, I cried once because of this matter. LOL,

Anyway I thought that, as I am already a grown up teenager.. people wouldn't do this stuff - giving bad title or mocking my name etc. But still, it happens. This what I'm going to complaint about.

Calling me Salam even my name is Eizah. What's the point??? *emotional people get emo* I don't even close to that so called Salam lahh -..-" Perhaps that, whoever calling me that way doesn't meant to hurt me. Maybe it just for fun and jokes. Kinda. At first, I am taking this matter lightly, no biggie. But as time flies, making fun of me doesn't make me fun at all. I got humiliated. It's quite much.

Not just that... Calling me 'sotong' out of nowhere. It's quite embarrassing . Seriously. But as people whom calling me that way are friends of mine, so ignore it. That's a joke too right? No hard feelings please.
But as I realized that the 'sotong' is actually suits me so well because it's related to my weaknesses - being too flexible and for my awful body language, I got mad. Not mad actually but a little bit offended.
Said umi, "Kalau kawan kita hormat kita, dia takkan gelar kita sesuatu yang kita tak suka. Tambah pulak gelaran tu diberi disebabkan kelemahan kita. Seorang kawan takkan gelakkan kawan dia kerana kelemahannya" *ouch* and that's the moment I started to think that I don't like to be called that way, seriously.

The latest nickname among the others is to be called 'mak mah'.
me, mak Mah? What the.... o..O Calling me that way and let the whole class knowing it sarcastically. This is too much lah. He called me that way and in the mean time, still calling me Salam - this so a burdensome. I'm not that stressed just to think about this 'nicknames' stuff which I dislike. But it's partially affected me when I got called the way I don't want to, on the moment it happened. My confident level dropped drastically and I even don't have courages to stand in front and give my own opinion in the class. I assumed that I am getting called mak Mah out of my clumsiness. I thought so. It's my bad being clumsy.

Anyway guys, take note this, whether it is logic or not, that so called given title to me or even the title suits me damn pretty well.. don't call me with something I don't want to and don't belong to. If it's for jokes and fun, don't be too much or I'll offense and hate it.

Guys, it seemed I've took a long time to type an entry. This is my first own-made entry in English. So if there's any mistake or error in grammar and etc. I am so sorry because it happened that I'm not good in English. Err.. *awkward face*

Finished on, 0324 hours. I bet umi must get mad knowing that I'm not sleep yet and tomorrow might be my sleepy-day ever !

Morning Malaysian and Good Night Eim and Hanan :)

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Assalamualaikum, Adios.