Monday, June 14, 2010

Peringatan sesama kite (:

  • Friendship is more powerful than love guys/girls
  • Couple state is an ordinary love.
  • Love Allah SWT is the Greatest love ever
  • PREVENT couple, AVOID dosa
  • NEVER couple BEFORE nikah
  • lets not choose to couple
  • NEVER menghalalkan yang HARAM
  • HENTIkan amalan KAHWIN OLOK2, JAUHI statement mas kahwin HUTANG
  • jangan HAMPIRI ZINA, maka jgn couple
  • Let everybody be your friend, but love stay for just one ; Allah
  • Cinta sesama manusia MENDUGA KITA
  • Blame your self when you commit wrong, admit it and change to a better way
  • There's always chance after everything, Never give up on trying
  • Solat is never TIRING!!
  • SAYS NO to blind date and BLIND couple.. It'll blind your heart
  • Ketenangan.., bukan dgn cara couple, holding hand boys ang girls, hug and loving each other. TETAPI ketenangan adalah RAHMAT kurniaan ALLAH
  • COUPLE's mess. you get mess when you're in a fake relationship because more and even deeper you comited on it, you'll commit wrong even heavier and it'll be HARDER to cover
  • We love you more than he loves you
  • Love human being crowded by weakness and fake
  • We can survive without love of human being, we're confessing that we're even happier when someone precious love us. perhaps we don't realize, TO0 ADDICT toward world's love, lesser Allah's love. And with out Allah's love, WE GONNA DIE
  • Allah itu Maha Pengampun, Penyanyang, Pengasih dan Penerima taubat.

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