Monday, June 14, 2010

i have no idea what to talk about


I buka facebook just now.. I takde idea nk buat ape...
I view kazen2 'jauh' I punya fb..
hailah *mengeluh*
mcm ape je..~

ape nk jadi dengan remaja zaman sekarang... ?
so well HANYUT~
not everyone and I also didn't mean its you, him or her..
but most of them .. urm, most of us (remaja)

I'm not a good person... but I did try my best... huh... tak tahu lah kan pandangan org mcm mana..

frankly speaking,
It's quite scary and little upset to know that your own cousin or perhaps, close friends did commit bad stuff..
and to be true, yup.. I'm upset right now.. ya know, I lost my word.. they're change!!

ahh... again... mesti korang nk ckp ak ni PERASAN baik.. Do you?
entah la... I wish I'm not that kind of person..

this post..., maybe I should labeled it as 'luahan perasaan' something..

ok la.. otak sudah tepu... tak tahu mahu LUAH ape lg...

p.s. lgu WHAT SHOULD I DO is damn seryes best lirik die.. nk usya CNBlue punye mv jp..


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