Friday, June 11, 2010

Chapter 6

Nutrient -->

:: chemical substances that are required by all living cells.

Nutrient used as -->

:: energy sources
:: ingredients for synthesis of other compound
:: building blocks in growth and repairing tissues

Nutrition -->

:: process of taking in food, digesting it, and utilising the absorb nutrients to obtain energy

There are 2 types of nutrition -->

:: autotrophs
:: heterotrophs


:: Organism that carry autotrophic nutrition.
:: Able to manufacture nutrients ; lipids, carbohydrates, proteins ; from inorganic substances
with the help of light energy.
:: Divided into 2 groups ; PHOTOautotrophs and CHEMOautotrophs


:: Organism which carry out hetetrophic nutrition.
:: Not able to manufacture nutrients by thei own self.
:: Rely on ready-made food in other organism.
:: Can be classify into ; HOLOZOIC nutrition, SAPROPHYTISM, PARASITISM.

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