Friday, June 11, 2010

As a sis

as a sis start tis blog wif BISMILLAHIRRAHMANIRRAHIM

Q: sala ke seorang kakak menegur seorang adik yg sala??
A: mybe sala kalau c adik alwayz think she didn't cmmit wrong ol day long..
Q: Macam mane nk bg my younger sis sedar tat I tegor her is 4 her gud future..? She's to addict to
sumthin yg melalaikan n she can't survive.... LAGHA~
A: I sendiri tk tw... she got a stone type of heart... so KERAS
Q:I sayang der...
A: so??? Where's the question??
Q: Sala ke I mara adik I yg bersala??
A: Mybe tak.. absolutely tk.... Kalau der bersala, u berhak mara der....

K: HUHHH... she put less respek towards me... both of us sme degil je...
A: ikot korang la...

*Q: Question
*A: Answer
*K: Kenyataan

P.s. She keep avoidin me when both of us not in a good mood.... she put less respek towards me tat make me upset thinking abot it... she is my younger sis, 2nd daughter after me.. she suppose to hear what i'm saying or at least didn't higher her voice when talking to me. We suppose to be close.. as close as d' kuku n jari.. Hailah... She keep be mad to me at the end of my teguran bcoz she claimed tat I'm too much nagging...
There's a time tat I wish she could talk to me as friendly and happily as she did to all her beloved friends and mate..
as the eldest sis in my family.., I'm stuck between my private t8 care of her or just be honest n told my mother abot her activity tat TOO MUCH ADDICT manage blog, bloggers, n blogging. Perhaps, if my mother know my sis addict case, she'll ban the usage of internet.. and fo sure i don't want tat happen.. tats y i keep tis secret till now n crazy being a sis as i believe i could handle everythin'...

being a sis is not as easy as i thought
not in a good atmosphere by a sis

tis heart hurt bcoz she tossed me away when she's mad toward me

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