Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sebab sekarang budak-budak asrma pung tak balek lagi
and takde sape yang ade intention nak usya blog aku buad masa ini.
Let me please.. muntahkan apa yang menganggu aku skang.
it is not that soooo burdensome. Tapi rasa macam, insisted nak meluah feelings jugak.

I feel quite dumbfounded this afternoon.
ya knoww.. that awkward moment when ur friend is talking about your not-anymore-crush
in front of others and you have no idea how to give response in return. lol. It is even vague what I felt on that time. I keep can't make it to look normal and well-being in front of my friends. I am so ashamed of maself mayyynn...
They can tell what I am thinking and read my feeling sometimes bcs I have no idea how to not being obvious. I keep denying what they're saying even I know that's what I am obviously showing. Even that's true.

I thought I am quite cool this week. I though I look calmed and better in showing expression.
I even think I am doing much better for myself instead of crying all day long the way I've once did before because of my imbalance emotion and imbalance biology condition

I halt what inside.
I am so strong, ain't me?

ouch. that's hurt to accumulate those pain you need to hold back
okay. I have no more to say in this while.
gotta go.


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