Friday, August 16, 2013

Caramel Pudding


I am quite happy that you're coming.

We're talking about this event at my house earlier in facebook messenger, right?

But I won't talk to you when we're facing each other.

I am too coward for a conversation.

And I can't pretend like I'm not.

I can't even meet with your eyes. Leuls.

Hey, you're commenting about my pudding just now.

Criticize is good like you've said, changes can be made when we know what's the flaw in something we're making or doing.

But do you know that,

you are often being too sincere.

Like, actually I am offended. But I try not to get sulked over silly things.

You are going to hate me if I am.

Too honest means too much pain.

Whenever I got hurt by your words, I wish not to show it the way I usually did with you.

I'll let it pass like nothing happened.

I will cut off the conversation after some moments; few minutes.

I thought you're going to realize that I am cutting  off the conversation  because you've been too honest commenting and giving opinion.

I am wrong.

You don't realize such little things, right? I bet so.

# I am shocked as you're calling my mom, umi instead using makcik. She's not your mom and I am afraid that we'll get misunderstand. The way you're calling the elders is not something you can joke around with it. I hope you know it. well, good morning. I am getting sleepy already.