Friday, June 21, 2013

Random Break

genaid fellas
act I don't really in mood to type an entry tonight
I thought I'm going to watch movie tonight and yeah, that's my plan earlier

I don't know what to type.
literally, what I felt right now is very hard to describe
I can't picture it with words, not even in my song or drawing
u can tell that I'm stuck in the middle of my feelings and I can't get my self an exit.
Pity me, huh? Like the feelings can't be delivered. hahah. sort of laa.

What's happening?

Seriously this is unexpected.
Far from what I've been thinking
I'm not crying out of frustration
neither he's cheating me or dumped me
perhaps I'm crying out of loss
I used to be close to him
The distance I've made,
I could taste the bitterness n awkwardness

Maybe it just me who tend to think that I am close to him
but, who care?
yes.. yes. it's true.. I admit that was my bad that I'm behaving like there's no one else in my life to hang onto
thus that's explain why I'm quite into him before

It happened damn so fast.
Like it was just now we've break up.
I've still a lot to say but I hadn't said a thing. Like the time given was limited
maybe I don't realize that there's still too much inside me even
things are getting clearer but there's still some points which are vague to me

Time flies and I just don't realized,
it feels like almost paralyzed,
sitting opposite and take a look into your eyes,
in silence I mesmerized
the moment I rolled the dice
only that time I appreciate that you've being so nice
this decision tossed my heard into pieces of slice
as the time flies
when I just realized
it's too late to bond this broken ties

I wanna faint
my heart in pain

yada, yada.. *dah macam poem shakespeer pule*
to be truth..
I can't forget the moment when we've came up with the decision.
I wish I could forget but yet I'm not strong either to remember what was going on ~
9 in the morning until it was 12 at noon
seemed to happened in a blink of eye (what an obvious hyper bola ayat neh. LOL)
I can't just kill this feeling right away
gimme some time
pray that I'm courage enough
lemme be like the way u are
u seems relax
like nothing's happening
u strive your goal and you aim you target
You are being my friend without complaining and not even a sight
well, life goes on
girl is not like I'm the only one
people come and go
I wish could have that kind of mid set too