Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mr, you made mistake and I'm mad

I'm not JK yet dear darlings.
Neither It's starting to hurt TOO much.
But will cry sooner.
Still I've got a heartache.
I think so.
I'm not sure that I'll cry out of emotional, frustrate, or maybe out of love.

This entry will never sound as good as the others before.
It'll not sound polite too.

What is that he wanted to do damn so much? He got the plan and he doesn't tell me at all! 
Left me alone for this whole holiday so that I'll get used to not be too close to him. 
For my sake?!
And he's saying, it'll be much easier for me to spend days without him after this. 
Like we are doing practical for what will happen in the future after both of us separate from STPM.
What was he thought, huh? 

"Why don't just spend this holiday with me decently and cut off the whole crap to abandoned me.
You make me wait and long for your text.
And that's not okay. I am not okay.
I don't try to be into you too much. Not in an obsessive way.
But why don't you just treat me the way you did when we were at school?

You might said and thought that I'm longing for your text because I'm bored 
and need you to cheer me up and entertain me. Bahhh.. that's nonsense!! 
Don't you ever think that I need you to text me because I am comfort being with you?
It is because of liking and missing you that I've longing for your text. 
Not that I am desperately need you because you are my one and only entertainer of the day.
No way.

Be clear of this. 
You don't text me, thus I'm missing you. I afraid that there'll be distance between both of us.
I afraid that far inside you, the feelings are gone. It's not like when you didn't text me, I GET BORED. 
please be clear, because I was upset to read your text just now and how you claimed that I'll get bored because you don't text me. Then, you reclaimed yourselves as my entertainer. 
Mr, you are not my entertainer. I never put you in that place as my entertainer that will cheer me and entertain me. I admire you because I like you even though you; the one I like is not always the one that'll cheer me up. simple. 

I'm still mad as I wish to protest over you. 
I upset to read the phrase
'nak jadi penghibur dy yang biasex2 je. xnk jd penghibur dy lebihx2'
what's that with biasa-biasa?
What did he meant by the phrase?

I am mood-less to type any longer.

gotta go 

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L2B said...

i don't not what to say but it looks like both of u doesn't understand each other very well . farewell , if that what he want you better leave him for sake of your goodness . you are not a toy . seriously i'm sad for you . this make my eyes watery . why did i so emotionally nowadays . erkh but i can't stand still watching my friends being threatened in this way . why can't even men understand women . why must ah damn it . what a bloody hell he want actually . i hate men . i do hate them . i won't trust them anymore . none of them . last word from me , discuss with your mom . ask for her advice .
liebe : adek