Sunday, December 9, 2012

Respond to what are related to the story

good morning!
and salam 1 Malaysia.

So tgh malam gini. Aku nak sambung dengan entri aku yang lepas - Read & Relate
and here we goes to another new version of it.
Kalau sebelum ini, whatever quote yang aku rasa suit to my story aku memang menyokong je semedang,
kalini it'll be more to against it. kinda laaa. *menggelabah je*

99% in progress. Well lets wait a little bit longer. 

Frankly, it is so like you

It is not the end of the world. The woe you've create, it's healed

Then, let kills the memories first

Never. Neither you nor me will miss each other's presence. I am sure

We could be just friend, the way you always wanted. 

No doubt. But still, I am talkative

YKW, I am not that silly anymore

Once. Yes you did. But you're fake

Dah lama kann aku tak main dengan quote segala bagai ne. Saje suka-suka sebab hakikatnya aku memang suka pun quote semedang gini. Related? Most of it is related but in a different way lahh.