Sunday, September 12, 2010

syawal ku


I don't know y I feel so bad so sad
like I'm badly wanna cry although I'll be mad
be mad to my self tat suckingly foolish

I am in the maze that I hate the most..
I am in the game that I can't be loose..
I am the player that ain't to play ..
I hate this puzle like my life as a pay
cause it badly crumble my life so often make me wanna cry
I'm still feel so mad so sad

the mood is upside down
I am a fool to my self..
wearing a mask that don't show my face..
that still, just feel so bad, so sad..

do cherish me my dear
although I knew already forever n after
there's no one when I need 'em here
the case is so clear
they seems don't wanna hear
I am nagging for something I can't bear..
somekind of afraid n the most fear..
the fallen's so slow
it is the fall of tears..

whatever it is, whatever the matter
the time's running
will never rest it self
however my dear
I am still so sad n so mad
truly this feel is kinda really bad

-farhatul NFE-
*2 syawal.. hehe.. tumpang yeh.. x bwk buku conteng n xdpt nk on belog
buat menghebuskan perasaan yg tersumbat.. terpakse la mengurbankan this
cute lil lappy sbgi pengubat..

p.s aku menaip dan menumpang secretly di lappy my kazen.. thnx kak T :) on this time, brdband belm bisa on..

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