Friday, August 6, 2010

PD :: Public Diary

I'm getting stupid...
really wanna sleep rite now but still hold my eyes hardly on watching a korean movie..
i've heavy headache tat make me trully uncomfort..
what had i done..
it's almost 3 in d'morning and i still didn't get my well enough sleep since this couple of days..
why i'm getting this fool... although my eyes burst into tears few times causes by sleepy
i still in front of my lappy..
is it a good atep i'm taking...

i'll have a really busy day tomorrow..
i should wake up early in d'morning
since all of us (my siblings +me +mum) will get going out from house before 8 am..
then i'll go to MaHISS ; returning a tudung labuh of akak fom 5 :: SORRY KAK AIDA ><
n after that straightly going to msjid besi...
the main point going there is that i'll attend a bengkel islami something.. for 2 HOURS!!!

URH... and I still don't take a rest n enough sleep..
don't ya think tat i'll spend most of ny time tomorrow, sleeping??


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