Monday, August 2, 2010

GULP // GASP *unfotunately


kelihatannya seperti semakin bertambah entri sedih aku.. :(
i've just received call from syiqa..
she told me that our drama mendapat tempat ke - 2 over 5
perhaps.. QUITE dissappoiting
or.. maybe, to be fully, trully TRUTH


as I said in my previous entri..,
kita merancang,
Allah jualah yg menentukan

so, what more can we expect to react, after all

terpaksa terima dgn hati yg terbuka.. Bukankah itu yg sepatutnye???
it's already written n InsyaAllah, ade la tu hikmah nye *sobing

emh... sekadar information :-
the best actor came to Hasnol Hadi (4 Ghaza)


>< Congrate to Hadi n kls 4 Ghazali.. (u all won the first place)

p.s. TIMES UP ZAH!!!! got to go... :( however it is, papehal pon, praises to Allah... it's still top 3.. Ho3~ 'cheer up, it might be sunny tomorrow'

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