Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sakit k-pop

cerita korea yg ak pernah view ::

  • stair way to heaven (i think this is the best story ever.. it makes me cry and laugh at most of the moment in the scene..
  • my girl ( i think the cast act's sweet.. )
  • sassy girl chun hyang (i love the hero's character!! lain drpd yg lain.. funny, caring, loving but also loyal .. )
  • boys over flower (ramai yg kata the japan version is the best n the taiwan's is better.. what should i care rite? as long as i'm happy.. ~happy menonton drama ini..~)
  • Master of Study (this drama must had inspire me in order to overcome my style in studying.. the cast of this drama is well great actor.. cute too)
  • death bell (it's quite sad that at the end of the story, Kim Bum's dead.. kuangx3.. ingatkn dia hero.. xp )
  • 200 pound beauty.. (the male main character's hot.. but just for temporary because I've found someone whom is better than him.. ; mianhae )
  • you're beautiful (for sure.. I'm pretty well addict towards this drama.. I heart they all.. ft island, CNblue, ANJell and Jang Geun Suk

I'm lack information about korean celebrity since I don't really watch their drama and don't really follow the update of their band and singer..

band I knew :: from drama i dah ikuti //

  • ss5o1
  • t-max
  • ft island
  • cn blue
  • an jell
kpd sesiapa yg giler kn kpop.. bole usya blog ni.. (tersempak kt google image) kpop virus

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